Epic Thanksgiving Meltdowns

(Photo by CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

Epic Thanksgiving Meltdowns 11-27-13

There is something about family gathering at the holidays that is like a time-bomb in a pressure cooker. There comes a moment when all heck breaks loose in an epic meltdown. We shared a few of the meltdowns we’ve experienced at Thanksgiving.

When Julie’s 9-year-old daughter was still just a toddler, she began to throw a tantrum at Julie’s mother-in-law’s house. Julie jumped up to whisk Emma away from the table, but in the process, she ended up knocking a plate of food off the table and on to her mother-in-law’s white carpet.

That’s not even the worst that Julie has seen. Her first Thanksgiving after moving to Dallas, her friend Erin invited her over to have dinner with her family. Erin gave her an ominous warning that her grandmother was really mean. When Julie arrived at Erin’s house, Erin’s mom and dad cornered Julie and again warned Julie about the cantankerous grandmother. Since Julie was new, the grandmother acted like they were best friends and began to tease and taunt Erin. It ended with Erin leaving the table and room in tears, her parents screaming at the mean grandmother, and Julie just sitting there trying to eat her mashed potatoes.

Tony remembers a Thanksgiving at his aunt’s house. His aunt’s husband’s mother was a complete whack job. Tony lived for the times he stayed with his aunt just to see her mother-in-law go wheels off. She always claimed to have the best cherry cobbler on earth, so one year, they finally relented and let her make the cobbler. She bragged all the way through dinner which was fine. When dessert came, she told everyone that they had to try her cobbler. Everyone took a bite at the same time, and everyone put their forks down. She complained that clearly something was wrong with her cobbler and took a bite. She went ballistic all over Tony’s aunt blaming her for buying spoiled cherry pie filling. She then took the entire pan of cobbler and threw it at the wall. Cherry splattered everywhere. Tony and the other kids were then told to leave the room and go outside to play.


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