Turkey Talk With Tots

(Photo by STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Turkey Talk With Tots 11-26-13

We all know how kids say the cutest things. AT&T has even made a series of commercials with adorable kids saying cute things.

Yesterday, Tony paid a visit to Wonderland Montessori Academy in McKinney. He met with some of the kids to ask them about Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for?

“I’m thankful for my mommy. My mommy takes me to Michigan. There’s snow in Michigan.” — Una, 5.

How do you make a turkey?

“You put it in the hot thing. It’s called a microwave. It’s good. It’s hot. And it’s really, really hot. And it burns. It gets really hot, and your finger burns in it.” — Gage, 3.

“You to do something with a knife. You have to do a puppet show with it. Then you just do something with the turkey. And, you have to grab a turkey and a chicken. And, you have to pull them into the neck. Gobble Gobble!” –Una, 5.

“You put it in the oven, and you put it in for 10 hours. You take it out when it beeps. Gobble Gobble.” — Nathan, 4.

“You take some pumpkin pie, and you put it  in there. Then we put some filling in. I forgot what it called, but it’s pretty good. Sprinkles inside. It’s a little… It’s cherry icing on it with some sprinkles on top, then more icing, then cherry.” — Kaitlyn, 5 1/2.

What came first the turkey or the egg?

“Thanksgiving comes before winter, and winter has eggs. The Easter Bunny has a lot of eggs, so Thanksgiving comes before when the bunny comes to put the eggs out.” — Nathan, 4.



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