Rumors Abound That Comedian Andy Kaufman Is Still Alive

(Photo by NBC Television/Courtesy of Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

(Photo by NBC Television/Courtesy of Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Andy Kaufman Still Alive 11-15-13

If Andy Kaufman were alive today, he would be 64. He was declared dead in 1984, believed to have died from lung cancer… Or did he?

Fans of the actor and comedian have long believed that he never really died and it was all an elaborate ruse. Kaufman “obsessed” with faking his own death, according to The Gothamist. Part of the belief that Andy is still alive comes from the story that if he was still alive, he’d appear at his favorite restaurant in 1999. His brother Michael waited, but Andy did not show. A letter for Michael was left in his stead saying that Andy would rather stay undercover until their father passes away.

The recent passing of the Kaufman’s father has led to a surge in stories about Andy still being alive. At the recent Andy Kaufman Awards in New York, Kaufman’s brother Michael claimed the whole story was true. He even brought a woman out on stage who claimed to not only be Andy’s daughter but also that he is still alive.

It has since come to light the 24-year-old woman is an actress, according to The Smoking Gun. Rumors still churn that Andy Kaufman still lives and could be in hiding in New Mexico. Check out this video about Andy Kaufman sightings around Albuquerque.


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