Irritable Man Syndrome

Irritable Man Syndrome 11-14-13

Yesterday started out great for Tony. He got in the car, drove to work, and walked in to the studio feeling like it was a great day. Then he pulled up the What Would I Say? status generator website, and it all went downhill from there.

He couldn’t put three words together. He didn’t feel like he was making any sense. During one song, he felt as if he’d burst into tears at any moment. It was the weirdest feeling ever, and he doesn’t know what hit him.

John suggested that it could be IMS. Irritable Man Syndrome. As astonishing as it may seem, dudes get hormonal. It’s not something they talk about, and for the love of sports, don’t bring it up!

John says that he’s had it. There will be days that he puts on his favorite clothes, but just doesn’t feel the usual good vibes he does when he wears that particular shirt.

Maybe Tony isn’t alone! Some listeners called in with tales of IMS.

Irritable Man Syndrome Cont'd 11-14-13


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