Zazza & Julie Get Butt-Dialed And It Was Hilarious

Funniest Butt-Dial 11-8-13

When the phones ring in the studio, normally there is someone on the other end. This morning, we got a call, and there was no one on the other end. It was a butt-dial!

We yelled. We laughed. We said some really funny things to see if the person who belongs to the phone could hear us. We even put the call on hold for a long time, and the call was still there. We gave it a second round of hilarity, and to our great surprise, she picked up!!!

One of our listeners, Tiffany, couldn’t figure out why her rear end was yelling at her, but we are so glad she picked up the phone! You’ve gotta listen to the audio from this awesomely hilarious butt-dial call this morning!

Funniest Butt-Dial - PICKS UP! 11-8-13


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