A Cute Note Passed Between Kids

Cute Kid Note 11-7-13

We all remember writing and passing notes between friends in school. Those were the days before text messaging when clandestine classroom communications could easily be intercepted and read aloud by the teacher.

Huff Post recently posted the cutest note from a kid ever. The note was submitted by a Reddit user and comes from the user’s littler brother. Here is what the note said:

Dear Ashely,
would you please be my girlfriend? I like you alot.
Yes No Maybe
Ps. Please put yes no or maybe

Ashely responded to the note with:

I’m sorry I already have a boyfriend Kyle but when we break up your my next choice.
P.S. that will probably be a month or two

Julie’s youngest daughter Lucy will fill Julie’s grocery store notepad with pages of drawings and stories. Just flipping through the pages, you will find drawings of Lucy’s art series entitled “Lucy and the Cats.”


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