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You’re Not Going To Believe The Next Flavor Of Pringles

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Leigh-Ann-Personality-Icon Leigh Ann Adam
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(By: Joe Raedle)

(By: Joe Raedle)

So apparently there are some new Pringles getting ready to hit the market just in time for the holidays.

They however, aren’t your ordinary sour cream flavored Pringles.

They are pecan pie flavored..

Yes you read that right..

Last year, the chips in a can brand brought us pumpkin spice and white chocolate peppermint flavors.

It can only make us wonder.. Who’s in charge over there?

You can pick up the pecan pie flavored Pringles as well as their cinnamon sugar ones. But that doesn’t sound near as bad, does it?

You can read the rest of the story at the Huffington Post.

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