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Zazza & Julie Discuss Who’d Survive Our Morning Show Horror Film

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(Photo by Enzo Tomasiello/Getty Images)

(Photo by Enzo Tomasiello/Getty Images)

Have you ever wondered how you’d fair if you stumbled into a horror movie? This morning we talked about who among us would die, who would survive, and who would likely be the killer.

Horror movies seem to follow a formula. Even the movie Scream touched on the rules of scary movies. Julie posed a list of questions and we decided who would live or die in our Morning Show Horror Movie.

Who would die first? It’s pretty unanimous that Julie would be the first to go. Her frequent bathroom breaks give a killer plenty of opportunities to get her. One of the rules of horror movies is you never say, “I’ll be right back.”

Who would be the first to trip while being chased? Tony offered up that he would, but John had to name Julie again. He cited that her love of nice heeled shoes made her a liability versus John and Tony’s casual athletic shoes.

Who is most likely to be the Killer? Julie thinks it would be John.Tony and John think Julie is most likely to fly off the handle and take us all out.

Who would have a sex scene? We all agreed that would be Tony.

Who would be the Final Survivor? We all think John, but John threw out a good point. Horror movies are notorious for crazy plot twists, so he said that quiet, unassuming Web Girl Leslie would be the last to walk away.

Somehow, then the thought was brought up that Web Girl Leslie could be the killer. It’s always the quiet ones.

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