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She Mail: Date’s Skimpy Homecoming Dress Trouble Mother & Son

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She Mail

Oooh Girl! You got She Mail!

Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve need advice or want us to hash out a problem on the air for you, let Julie share some of her wisdom.

Dear Julie,
My son has been asked to homecoming by a family friend. We have been friends with this family since they were kids. Both are seniors, have never dated & go to different high schools. The girl broke up with her boyfriend last month & needs a date for the homecoming dance. She asked my son if he would go as a friend & he said yes. Well, we were at their house last weekend and she showed us her Homecoming dress. Frankly, I was SHOCKED. It’s strapless, barely covers her bottom and was fire engine red. When she sat down, I could see that she had on matching underwear. NOT appropriate for a 17 YO girl. On the way home, my son told me that if she had worn that dress to his homecoming dance 2 weeks ago, she would have been sent home. The next night, he asked me if it was too late for him to back out of going with her. What do I tell him? It’s definitely TOO LATE for him to back out but I don’t feel good about him going with her in that dress! If he cancels, it will ruin his friendship with her and probably affect my relationship with his Mom.
So what do I do? I feel that we need to honor our commitments but I REALLY don’t want my son being seen with her in that awful dress.
I’ll be listening for your advice.
Red Dress Distress

Dear Red Dress Distress,

First and foremost, he can’t back out of going to the dance with her. It’s rude and a little dishonest. Encourage your son to be honest with the girl and talk to her about the dress. He should tell her that he’s concerned because she wouldn’t have been allowed in at his homecoming. What if she gets turned away at her own? She will probably still wear the dress, but if your son is her friend, it isn’t his job to judge her. He needs to be supportive, even if it’s something he doesn’t entirely agree with. Furthermore, she is going to NEED a friend if she is turned away at homecoming or gets picked on for her revealing dress. Hope that helps and keep us posted!

Remember, if you ever need help or just want us to hash out your problem on the air, contact us at: KVILShemail@gmail.com.

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