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Wedding Etiquette According To Tony Zazza

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(Photo by Genevieve de Manio via Getty Images)

(Photo by Genevieve de Manio via Getty Images)

Over the weekend, Tony had all of his family in town visiting for a family wedding in Godley, TX. His cousin Chris married his bride Samantha in a gorgeous ceremony. Everything was great except for a few things that got under Tony’s skin. Tony planned his sister’s wedding, so he had some expectations on how weddings should operate.

When being escorted to their seats before the ceremony, they said that they were family. They expected to be taken to the family row, but they were told they couldn’t sit in that row. The row of 10 seats ended up being empty save for 3 seats. Then at the end of the ceremony, the guests were told to pick up their chairs and take them to the barn for the reception. The gentlemen ended up loading up with chairs to keep the ladies from having to carry them while wearing high heels.

As they were setting up the chairs, Tony and his family were pulled away for family pictures. There was no reserved seating, so Tony knew that they’d end up being stuck at the only outside table in the elements. Which is precisely what happened. The bride’s family ended up taking the table inside, and Tony and his family sat outside the 49-degree weather.

Seating charts are tricky, but some thinking ahead to inform guests of expectations and making allowances are little things that can go a long way to ensure a smooth wedding.

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