Arnold Schwarzenegger Recites His Famous Lines For Fans On Youtube



If your not aware of Reddit your probably not a regular web user, So on behalf of everyone here on the KVIL web team welcome to the internet.

Anyway Reddit is a social news and entertainment website where users and submit content in the form of links or text, and then other users can comment on what they have submitted.

More and more celebrities are using Reddit to connect with there fans.

Recently Arnold Schwarzenegger did just that when he hopped on Reddit and asked fans which of his famous movie lines would they like him to perform on YouTube.

Arnold picked his favorites and reenacted them throughout the day.


From Escape Plan his newest film:

From Jingle All The Way:

From Predator:

From Kindergarten Cop:

From Kindergarten Cop again:

From Conan The Barbarian:

And this was his goodbye:


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