Embarrassing First Encounters

(Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

(Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Embarrassing First Encounters 10-17-13

We’ve all had those embarrassing moments the first time you meet someone. Maybe you spilled coffee on you shirt or your pants ripped wide open. No matter how mortifying, it’s these first encounters that leave a lasting impression.

Tony’s dad is in town with his new girlfriend, a girlfriend that Tony had yet to meet. Last night, Tony was awoken by the sound of his house alarm beeping that someone had come through a door. When Tony got up to investigate, he discovered it was his dad’s girlfriend. They stood there chatting for a bit until Tony finally realized that he was standing in naught but his undies. He dashed away really quick.

John has a story about meeting a friend’s girlfriend after just moving into a new house. John’s girlfriend had run to the store but didn’t have a key to the house yet, so she asked him to listen for the doorbell to let her in once she returned. Since their guests weren’t due to arrive for an hour, John hopped in the shower. The doorbell rang, John went and opened the door, and ran back to the shower. When he got out, there was his friend and the new girlfriend on the couch. John asked if his girlfriend had let them in, to which they replied, “No. That was you.”

Embarrassing First Encounters Cont'd 10-17-13


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