Toilet-Themed Restaurant To Offer Crappy Dining

(Photo by PETER PARKS/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo by PETER PARKS/AFP/GettyImages)

50 Shades of Cray 10-16-13

Looking for a crappy yet unique dining experience? A new California eatery lets you sit on potties and feast on food titled with toilet-humor.

The Magic Restroom Cafe is quite possibly one of the weirdest restaurants you’ll ever hear of. Located in California’s City of Industry, it’s the first toilet-themed restaurant in America. Everything, from dishes to chairs, are full of references to toilets, potties, bathrooms, and “dropping the kids off at the pool.”

According to Huff Post, the cafe opened on October 11th. Yelp commenters give it 3 stars, citing slow service. If bathroom humor is your thing, you’ll want to check this place out.


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