VIDEO: Weatherman Eats Something That Is Not Grape Nuts

WARNING: Video might be considered gross.

50 Shades of Cray 10-11-13

Hope you’re not eating anything, but this is beyond nasty. A weatherman at WFSB, a CBS affiliate in Hartford, Conn. scooped something up off the floor of the newsroom live on camera. He then popped whatever it was in his mouth and ate it.

All of this was live on camera, caught for the world to see, ponder, and react accordingly.

“They’re a little soggy and they taste like shoes … I don’t think those are Grape Nuts. I think that might be dog doody,” weatherman Scot Haney says as he ponders what he just put in his mouth.

What was it? Well, the dawning realization is a bit too much for anyone to handle, including the man who just munched on a mystery meal.

“Those were not Grape Nuts that I ate … My cat threw up and I must have stepped in it,” he discovers. “I ate cat vomit right here on television … I’m going to throw up … I’m sick.”

So are we, Scot.


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