Weird Law Regulates Underwear Shopping Hours

(Photo by TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

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Western Australia has some strange laws when it comes to the hours you can buy certain items. Retail chain Woolworth’s is now calling for some common sense to be injected into these wacky regulations.

According to Australia’s, a shopper at a gas station can buy cigarettes before 8AM on Mondays but not nicotine patches. Shoppers can buy pantyhose after 9PM on Thursdays but cannot buy underwear at the same time.

The laws also cover operating hours of gas stations. Another point that Woolworths’ would like to see relaxed is allowing gas stations to open at 7AM on weekdays and Saturdays, as well as extending shopping hours on Sundays.

“This would represent millions of dollars in increased wages flowing, every week, into local communities,” argued Michael Samaras, Woolworths’ government relations manager.

These weird laws are apart of Western Australia’s 1988 Retail Trading Hours Regulations legislation, in which limits are placed on what products shoppers can purchase in gas stations at different times.


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