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Steve Kemble Gets Roped Into Truth Or Dare 4 Cher

SK JF Dare

Tickets to see Cher in March at the American Airlines Center go on sale today at noon! All week, we’ve put you in charge of dishing out Truths or Dares in order to win those awesome tickets! Today was the last day of Truth or Dare 4 Cher, and with Steve Kemble in the studio, you can bet that he felt included!

The rules were simple: Ask us a Truth or give us a Dare that was legal and could be done instantly in the studio. If we refused, you won the tickets!

This morning got started off with a Truth for Tony. Someone wanted to know if Tony had a girlfriend, to which he replied no. The next was an awesome dare which had Julie trying to pull out one of Steve’s mustache hairs with her teeth. The winning dare was for John to stick his finger in his ear and stick it in Tony’s nose, and Tony put a stop to it citing his “soft tissue infection.”

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