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Julie’s Review Room: Gravity

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New in theaters this week, we have “Gravity,” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Clooney & Bullock play astronauts who are on a space-walk when their shuttle is destroyed. What follows is 90-straight minutes of white-knuckle anxiety as they struggle to get back to Earth. Director Alfonso Cuaron uses ground-breaking CGI to physically PUT you in space and the effect is profound. Seeing Earth from afar, especially during moments of sheer terror is at once beautiful and horrible. I know people are resistant to spending extra cash for 3-D glasses, but “Gravity” is made for this technology so it’s money well spent. In fact, go the extra mile and see it in IMAX if you can.

The story was written by Cuaron, along with his son Jonas, and it basically centers around Sandra Bullock’s character, who just happens to be in space for the very first time. She is helped along by Clooney’s mission commander Kowalski and the chemistry between the two is awesome. It’s no surprise that the tabloids are trying to make them into a couple.

Once you step away from the movie, the improbabilities start to pile up but while you’re watching “Gravity,” it doesn’t just feel POSSIBLE. It feels like you’re up in space struggling along with these astronauts. “Gravity” is lightning quick and emotionally exhausting. It’s a career best for Sandra Bullock and honestly the best movie I’ve seen all year and that’s why I’m giving “Gravity” a rarely used A+!

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