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Julie Eats Cheesepuff From Tony’s Feet For Truth Or Dare For Cher

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What were we thinking?! In order to give away tickets to see Cher in concert at the American Airlines Center in March before you can buy them, we put you in charge of directing us in a game of Truth Or Dare For Cher.

How win these awesome tickets is simple: we’re playing Truth or Dare, and you get to tell us what to do or reveal! If we refuse, you win tickets to see Cher at the American Airlines Center in March!

For the Dares, we do have a few rules:

  • Must be legal to do in public.
  • Must be something we can do instantly in the studio.
  • When we refuse, you win the tickets!

This morning, Julie was dared to write a check for some money, but as she didn’t have her checkbook, the dare was declined. Julie’s next dare was to eat peanut butter from Tony’s toes, but lacking peanut butter, a cheesepuff was substituted. The final dare was for Julie to let Tony cut her hair, and the resulting meltdown and refusal made this the winning dare.

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