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John Twerked On The Door For Truth Or Dare For Cher

It’s Day 2 of Truth Or Dare For Cher, and our callers have definitely upped the ante for our dares. We had to confront deep-seeded fears and revulsions to get over and power through some of the dares set forth by you!

We’ve put you in charge of us for Truth Or Dare For Cher. You call in and ask us to reveal a Truth or perform a Dare. If we refuse, you win tickets to see Cher in March before you can buy them on Friday at noon!

For the Dares, there are a few rules:

  • Must be legal to do in public.
  • Must be something we can do instantly in the studio.
  • When we refuse, you win the tickets!

This morning, Tony had to touch Julie’s bare, ant-bitten feet; John twerked upside-down on the door; but Tony drew the line at eating mayonaisse after discovering it was expired.

Check out the video of John twerking!!

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