Julie Needs Help With Anniversary Present For Husband

bloodstone ring

Julie's Anniversary Gift Dilemma 9-30-13

Julie has been obsessing over a ring that she saw on vacation in Delaware. She was with her aunt, who is a jewelry designer (Check out her website themineralkingdom.com!), browsing through antique jewelry stores.

Julie came across a ring with a bloodstone setting. Bloodstone is an onyx with red flecks in it. The stone had Gaelic carved into it that translated to say “This I Will Defend.” It was the coolest ring ever, but totally out of her price range. Her aunt said that she might be able to work out a discount, but she came back to Julie and said that the ring had already sold that very same day.

Julie has been thinking about that ring ever since, so it was a great surprise when her husband gave it to her yesterday as an early anniversary present. He had simply placed it in her car seat yesterday after she had been having a really bad weekend.

Now, Julie has a dilemma. She has a week before her 13th wedding anniversary to come up with an equally awesome present to give her husband! Leave your ideas in the comments below!


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