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Zazza & Julie’s Fair Food Fry-Off

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After sampling Fried Nutella, Fried Cuban Rolls, and Fried Thanksgiving Dinner; we decided we wanted to try our hand at coming up with a fried fair food. We cooked up our ideas, borrowed John’s deep frier, and turned our studio into a test kitchen.

The first thing we tried was Julie’s Fried Godiva Chocolate. It is just as decadent as it sounds. The chocolate is rolled in beignet batter, deep fried until it’s golden brown, and sprinkled with powered sugar. The first bite yields molten Godiva like a lava flow of yum.

Next came John’s Sopapilla Cheesecake. John made his own cream cheesecake from scratch, rolled it in croissant dough, fried, and then covered in honey and cinnamon sugar. It’s not just the lightly crispy outside that has you in raptures, it’s the second bite that gets you the warm cheesecake. The whole delicious treat will send you to Deep Fried Cloud 9.

Tony, no surprise, brought his favorite Trader Joe’s product and combined it with a Portuguese treat to make Cookie Butter Malasada. He dropped a scoop of cookie butter in dough, wrapped it, fried it, rolled it in sugar, and covered it in honey.

Steve Kemble was our judge. After sampling all three offerings to the first ever Fair Food Fry-Off, he named Julie’s Fried Godiva Chocolates the winner!

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