Blogger Shames Ex-Beau After Text Message Break Up

(Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/GettyImages)

50 Shades of Cray 9-27-13

Some poor fella in Washington, D.C. just found out how not to break up with a girl after the dissed lady publicly shamed him on her blog.

Gawker reports that DC blogger Quin Woodward Pu, who runs an “events, society, and gossip” blog called Little Black Blog, recently posted about being dumped via text message just before her birthday. However, instead of just a mention, Quin ran the poor schmuck through the public shaming ringer.

In her blog, she lays down the story of how she met the unnamed cad:

It all started two weeks ago, when I met some rando at a bar. He was friendly enough, but annoyingly and sloppily drunk, which is why I offered my email address when he asked for my number. We emailed later that weekend, and I met up for a few drinks, which eventually turned to dinner, and then champagne. We had relatively good chemistry, but then, I kinda have chemistry with pretty much everyone, because I really like talking to people and winning over complete strangers.

After a second dinner date the next weekend, Quin went out on a limb and invited the guy to her birthday party. However, the guy said he wouldn’t be in town, and instead, suggested a day-trip to the Virginia wine country. She was all set to go when she received a text from the guy, ending their brief relationship.

Quin wasn’t about to let a text message break up dash her mood before her 25th birthday, so she poored out her frustrations in her blog. She didn’t stop there. She also forwarded the text messages he sent from his company blackberry to his bosses for the ultimate burn.

You read the text messages from the dude and the massive on Quin sent in return over at Gawker.


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