Snake Crawls Out Of Car A/C Vent

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

50 Shades of Cray 9-26-13

Samuel L. Jackson will tell you that he is tired of snakes on planes, but one woman tells a tale more confined and horrifying than that. A snake crawled out of the A/C vent of her car… while she was driving!!

Amateur scientist and columnist for, Forest Mims recently wrote a story about drought affecting the behavior of snakes. He shared his tale of noticing a rat snake climbing a tree in search of a bird to snack on.

His column got a response from reader, Charlene Fuller. She told Mims that snakes can pop up just about anywhere. She would know. A snake surprised her by slithering out of the A/C vent while she was driving!

She shared a picture of her unexpected passenger. You can check it out on


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