The Nastiness Inside Women’s Handbags

Nasty Purses 9-24-13

A recent report in the UK’s Daily Mail found that a third of women have unspeakable nastiness inside their purses. Of the women who participated in the survey, 33% of women admit that they don’t clean the inside of their purses. Swabs of the insides of women’s handbags turned up traces of E. coli and even worse, bacteria associated with the presence of poop. That’s right… poop.

This morning, Tony donned special gloves and dove into Julie’s bags to see if she is guilty of harboring gross and nasty items in her handbag and gym bag. What we found was shocking to say the least.

Inside Julie’s bags were:

  • 1 unwashed spoon
  • 1 unwashed fork
  • 1 unwashed spork
  • 1 pair of socks

We’re not sure what the state of the socks are, but the unwashed eating utensils are concerning.

We wanted to know what’s in your purse that is kinda gross?

Nasty Purses Cont'd 9-24-13


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