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The Fragrance Of Deodorant

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Julie’s 9-year-old daughter Lucy recently asked if she could use Julie’s deodorant. Lucy proceeded to tell a story about how sweaty and smelly she and the other girls in her class feel after running around during PE class. Lucy also told her mom about a boy in class that has been sneaking his mom’s tangerine deodorant. This brought up the question of what does the guys’ deodorants smell like?

Tony and John brought in their deodorants this morning to let Julie take a sniff. Both guys prefer the Old Spice brand for maximum manliness.

Tony’s deodorants were:

  • Matterhorn. It smells like “ice, wind, and freedom.”
  • Denali. It smells like “wilderness, open air, and freedom.”

John’s deodorants were:

  • Hawkridge. It smells like summer, the beach, and pina colada.
  • Swagger. Definitely the strongest of the scents today. It’s more musky than the woodsy fragrances of Matterhorn and Denali.

Julie did add her deodorant to be sniffed. Her’s was called Liken Flower.

What does your deodorant smell like?

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