Burger King Develops Lower-Calorie ‘Satisfries’



Burger King is trying to help us lose some weight.

Fox News is reporting that the fast food chain will be launching a new crinkle-cut french fries that are healthier than the original. The report says that the fries have about 20 percent fewer calories than regular french fries.

The new ‘Staisfries’ have about 270 calories, because crinkle cut fries absorb less oil than their regular cut counterparts.

Burger King thinks consumers will be so excited for a lower calorie fry option that they will be willing to pay $1.89 for a small order, as opposed to $1.59 for a small order of regular fries. For those doing that math that is about a 19% markup.

So basically you pay for every percentage of calorie that you lose in the fries.

Are you planning on eating Burger King’s ‘Satisfries’? Let us know in the comments below.


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