Women Drivers Are More Rude Than Men

Rude Women Drivers 9-12-13

A recent study by Insurance.com found the US women are ruder than their male counterparts. Not to say who are the better drivers, but the statistics found that women are more likely to react with road rage than men.

According to 680news.com, the study was conducted with 500 men and 500 women with children under the age of 12 who responded to questions gauging their driving behaviors. Here are some of the results they found:

  • 43% of MEN admitted to honking at slow drivers versus 39% of WOMEN.
  • 44% of WOMEN confessed to swearing in front of their children while driving versus 30% of MEN.
  • 31% of WOMEN said they have flipped off another driver versus 27% of MEN.
  • 21% of WOMEN have tailgated another driver versus 16% of MEN.
  • 11% of MEN say they flashed another driver with their high-beams versus 4% of WOMEN.
  • 7% of MEN confessed they have keyed another driver’s car versus 3% of WOMEN.

We’re not sure. Women might be more aggressive, but holy cow to the vindictive dudes who key other people’s cars!


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