“Kevin The Cow” Wanders Along Highway

(Photo by Martin Hunter/Getty Images)

(Photo by Martin Hunter/Getty Images)

50 Shades of Cray 9-11-13

Police are warning drivers along I-675 in Georgia to be on the lookout for a wandering cow. Affectionately named “Kevin the Cow” has been wandering a stretch of highway for 6 months, and he’s managed to evade capture every time he’s been spotted.

According to¬†Atlanta’s WSBtv.com, police suspect that Kevin has been responsible for at least one accident near the highway. Officials are anxious to catch the highway heifer before he or any other drivers come to injury.

Kevin The Cow is remarkably speedy as he disappears before authories are able to respond to calls from drivers that he’s been spotted. This is how he’s managed to remain roaming free along the highway.


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