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Task Rabbit Is The Best Website Ever

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(Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images for Woolworths)

(Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images for Woolworths)

We may have found the best website ever. Think of something you wish somebody would do for you. Someone to go to the store, someone to help pack up your house for the big move, someone to finally pull the weeds out of your flower bed, someone to plan your meals for the week. There is a website that can find people to do these things for you! It’s called TaskRabbit.com!

It works very much like a Craigslist for chores. However, instead of getting responses from untried whack-a-doodles crawling out the dark corners of the web, Task Rabbit does extensive background checks to vet and certify their Task Rabbits. How it works is that you post a chore you need done and the price you’re offering to pay, and Task Rabbits looking for tasks in that field can apply to do your chore for you.

Anyone interested in being a Task Rabbit can sign up and put tasks that they are good at performing and wouldn’t mind getting paid to do.

The website is TaskRabbit.com, and it really is the greatest website EVER!

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