Friends Of Catherine Zeta-Jones Concerned For Her Mental Health

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

As reported in the Daily Mail, the actress closest friends are very concerned about her mental health.

Zeta-Jones, who suffers from bipolar disorder, currently is separated from her husband of over 12 years, and her best friend, Anna Walker, tells the British newspaper that “it will be a miracle if she can remain stable under all this stress.”

Walker, who was the maid of honor at Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas wedding, is very concerned about the mental health of the actress and gave an interview to the Daily Mail, saying her friend is in a “fragile state”.

“This is a very traumatic time and her mental health could be adversely affected”, Walker, a TV reporter told the newspaper. “I’m sure it’s not been easy for her to cope with the stress of Michael’s illness. She’s just had another round of treatment for her bipolar and if she can keep that in check under all this stress it will be a miracle.”

Walker also added that Zeta-Jones is currently being taken care of by her mother.


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