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She Mail: Dealing With Co-Worker’s Stinky Meals

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She Mail

Oooh Girl! You got She Mail!

Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve need advice or want us to hash out a problem on the air for you, let Julie share some of her wisdom.

Dear Julie,
I have what you would call an “Odor Offender” that I have to work with. It’s not a BO thing, but it’s just as bad. Everything this guy eats is stinky! It’s an oniony or chivey smell. It’s so strong. The smell feels like burning in my nostrils. And he’s always eating these items early in the morning. The last thing I want to smell in the morning is onion! Plus, the smell lingers. I mean all day long it’s there…and on his breath…ALL DAY!!! He sits literally 2 feet away from me. What should I do? Do I tell him the onion concoction he brings every day has gotta go? Why can’t he have normal coffee breath like everyone else.
Please help a gal out!!!


Tony had a great idea for you. He thinks you should start bringing the stinkiest food you can find to work. Just out-stink the stinker until he says something to you. That would give you a chance to start the conversation, by saying something like, “I didn’t think you would be able to smell it over those stinky onions you’re eating every day.”

I think you could take an easier route and just start cracking jokes about it. Point it out as soon as he pulls out whatever the offending food is each day. Maybe say something like, “Oh gosh, here it comes!” Then start sliding your gum or breath mints his way every day when he’s done eating. It might not be subtle but it will certainly get the message across and hopefully it won’t seem as harsh if it’s in the form of a joke.

Hope that helps!

Remember, if you ever need help or just want us to hash out your problem on the air, contact us at: KVILShemail@gmail.com.

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