Vine Before 9: Twerking Contest Entry

Twerk VIne

Vine Before 9 Challenge - Twerk Contest Entry 8-30-13

We were originally at a loss for what to do today. We spend our brainstorming time laughing at this awesome Dinosaur Prank Video from Japan. Then we came across an article about twerking…

Let’s face it, twerking is here to stay, so we might as well try to get paid for it. Rapper Juicy J is offering a $50,000 scholarship to women who enter his twerking contest. The contest is for women only, and Julie won’t twerk it. This means we’re putting Webgirl Leslie in front of the camera for the whitest white girl twerk in history.

We’re not kidding. She looks like Elaine from Seinfeld trying to twerk. Let’s hope this wins!

Oh God. That’s embarrassing.

Vine Before 9 Reveal - Web Girl Leslie Twerks For Contest 8-30-13


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