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VIDEO: Japanese Dinosaur Prank Goes Viral

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Steven Spielberg brought the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park to life and forever sparked our imaginations of what we would do if dinosaurs showed up here in the modern world. The answer has been found, and it requires a fresh change of clothes.

The Japanese version of a U.S. TV show called “Pranked” allows fans to set up friends and family as targets of elaborate pranks while their own reactions to their friends being pranked are filmed. The episode that has gone viral features a guy in a giant Velociraptor suit stomping through office hallways Godzilla-style scaring the pants off unsuspecting targets.

The video is all in Japanese, but at one point, a woman at the mercy of the Raptor realizes she’s been punk’d and exclaims “Oh my God!” in English. Despite the language barrier, it’s worth the watch! You’ll be rolling on the floor in laughter!

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