Vine Before 9: Vine Songs


Vine Before 9 Challenge - Vine Songs 8-23-13

This morning, we’ve been inspired by our favorite Viners who have written catchy Vine songs, like Nicholas Megalis. We set the challenge to write our own Vine songs and have John record them.

Julie penned a tune about bodily functions.

Tony introduces us to “Lefty.”

John wrote an ode to Tony’s Mom.

Our web girl Leslie loves her web job and wants you to like & comment on her posts in the morning. Kudos for plugging the Zazza & Julie Facebook page!

BONUS VINES: Here are the Vines that inspired us this morning. Nicholas Megalis is one of the top Viners with two 6-second odes to Gummy Worms in odd places.

Nicholas is also apart of this awesome Vine ode to bagels.

Vine Before 9 Reveal - Vine Songs 8-23-13


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