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Mama Drama: Tony’s Mom Sends A “Rider” Ahead Of Trip

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(Photo by ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Tony’s mom isn’t even here yet, but the drama has already begun. He thought that he had a week to prepare, but now he might need some time. Last night, she called Tony with some requests that he needed to have ready before she arrives.

She told Tony that her husband had given her an allowance “and then some” to cover her trip. She used it to buy the plane tickets, but spent the “and then some” on her craft jewelry business. Tony could see is coming from a mile away: She was setting it up so that her kids would have to pay for her expenses while she is in town.

What came next was like a page out of Beyonce’s tour rider. Tony’s mom wanted to make sure he had a few things in the house when she arrived.

  • A couple of fresh whole chickens, not frozen.
  • A dozen chocolate glazed donuts ready when she arrives.
  • Fiji water in house. She will not drink filtered water out of the fridge.

You think she’s kidding. Tony says the last time she was in town, he bought her some steak and lobster because she loves steak and lobster.  She asked, “Is it frozen? If you’re off by 30 seconds, it won’t taste fresh, and I won’t eat it.”

That’s not all. If he takes her to Red Lobster, she will casually clean out the butter dishes and stash them in her purse. We’re pretty sure Tony’s mom is wheels off crazy.

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