10 Ways Parenting With A Toddler Is Like Living In Prison

10 Ways Parenting With A Toddler Is Like Living In Prison

There’s a joke about how becoming a parent is like a 18-20 year life sentence without parole. No one ever tells you just how true that is, especially if you’re the parent of a toddler.

Huff Post recently published a list comparing parenting toddlers to being in prison. We ran this by our resident mommy Julie just to see how true this all is.

Here’s the list:

  • Every morning starts with someone screaming in your face.
  • You’re scared that something will happen while you’re in the shower.
  • You’re afraid that someone will crawl into your bed at night.
  • You can’t do anything without round-the-clock supervision.
  • Someone watches you use the bathroom.
  • You never get to pick the movie, and then you can’t even hear it over all the commotion.
  • You’re always frightened that you’re about to get punched, bitten, tackled, or shivved.
  • Contraband — alcohol, sweets, and adult entertainment — has to be smuggled in and consumed in secret.
  • Conjugal visits are rare, require crazy scheduling, and usually get interrupted.
  • Solitary confinement is a reward rather than a punishment.

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