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What We Studied In College Versus What We Do Now

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(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

As students begin to head off to college, we thought we’d marvel at the difference between what we studied in college as opposed to what we now do for a living.

Tony moved from San Diego to Stephenville, TX on a baseball scholarship and studied Criminal Justice. He either wanted to play professionally become a police officer. He got into radio because he was working at a small radio station in college. His boss at the radio station told Tony he was horrible and wouldn’t give him a raise, so Tony decided to go into radio to show him up.

After watching the movie Ghostbusters, Julie decided she wanted to study Paranormal Psychology at Duke. Later on, she was working at an Applebee’s when a customer said that was Paranormal Psychology was a crock and suggested she be a DJ. She changed schools and majors immediately.

John was at a baseball game with a friend, and they were commentating and calling play-by-plays. Guy sitting next to him was so entertained by John’s quips that he suggested that John look into radio because he was funny and had a great voice. He went to broadcasting school and studied radio. He’s the only one of us who actually ended up doing what we started studying in school.

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