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The Worst Return On Investment Degrees You Can Get

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Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

It used to be as long as you went to college you we’re almost guaranteed to out earn those with just high-school diploma. Some studies even showed that number was $1 million or more over the lifetime of your career. That is not necessarily the case these days. With the cost of education rising and the weak economy what you major in is just as important as getting your degree.

Some degrees are better than others, and Salary.com has revealed there list of the worst 8 return on investment degrees. Here is the list:

8. Sociology

7. Fine Arts

6. Education

5. Religious Studies/Theology

4. Hospitality/Tourism

3. Nutrition

2. Psychology

1. Communications

If you could pick a new career what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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