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Julie’s Lost Stuffed Animal Chaos

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(Photo by DANIEL GARCIA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by DANIEL GARCIA/AFP/Getty Images)

Yesterday, Julie posed a challenge to her daughters. If they could fill two trash bags, Julie would take them out for ice cream.

The girls managed to both fill their trash bags, one for trash and one for Good Will. The babysitter was even helping out. They got treated to ice cream, and everyone was happy.

That is, until Lucy realized that she couldn’t find her kitty cat dolls. Julie and her husband turned the house upside down, dug through the trash bags, and were at their wits end trying to find the kitty cat dolls. Lucy ended up spending the night without the kitty cat dolls.

Julie blames the stress on Toy Story, because now you wonder if the toys are lonely in the bottom of the bag or if they are trying to get back.

As it turns out, when the babysitter showed up this morning, she knew exactly where the kitty cat dolls were. In a bucket on the dresser.

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