When Parents Leave You With The Bill

(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

When Parents Leave You With The Bill 8-13-13

Tony’s sister Angela recently received a surprising bill in the mail from the toll authority. The bill was $3,000 for “habitual toll violations” and called for her to appear at a hearing. It also stated that should her vehicle be pulled over, the amount of toll violations could result in her car being towed.

She’s no longer in possession of the car, but she did some digging. She found out that the tolls were racked up during a period when their dad briefly lived in Dallas and drove her car. She got the administrative fees taken off, but the tolls still totaled $156. Their dad said that he could send a little here and there to pay her back.

When Tony’s mom comes to visit, she buy boxes upon boxes worth of stuff. Before she leaves, she’ll ask if one of the kids could ship her shopping up to her in Alaska. Even the cheapest route still costs $75!

Julie can relate. When her dad comes to visit, Julie and her husband pay for everything. Her dad never once reaches for his wallet. She recently found out that when her dad visits her sister, he’s pulling out his wallet to pick up the tab for everything and not letting her sister pay and penny towards his visit.

Do your parents leave you holding the bill, or do they pay for their expenses?

When Parents Leave You With The Bill contd 8-13-13


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