TV Shows That Everyone Is Talking About

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

TV Shows That Everyone Is Talking About

Breaking Bad is back. The Internet is exploding with reactions to the premiere episode of the final season. Julie is really into AMC’s Breaking Bad, but neither Tony and John are watching. Breaking Bad is among a long list of TV shows that people rave about the next day. We thought we’d look around at some of the other shows that people are going on about.

Netflix has stepped up to challenge the networks with serial programming of their own. Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards are two series that people are raving about. The streaming service even brought back cult-hit Arrested Development.

Cable favorites like True Blood and Game of Thrones have huge audiences. Game of Thrones’ audiences were in fits after the infamous “Red Wedding” episode.

PBS is starting to grab audiences with popular fan-favorites from across the Pond. Downtown Abbey and a modernized Sherlock gather bigger audiences with every new season. Even Doctor Who has found popular footing with American Sci-Fi fans on BBC America.

ABC’s Once Upon A Time is drawing huge audiences in by turning favorite fairy tales on their heads. Fans are anxious to see what fairy tale character will appear next.

Julie is upset as her husband won’t get Netflix, but one listener might have a solution for her:

TV Shows That Everyone Is Talking About - Netflix Solution


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