VIDEO: 7-Year-Old Texas Girl Loves Free Diving With Sharks

We’re putting the lid back on the chum bucket that is Shark Week, but before we let it get away for another year, you’ve got to watch this video.

Seven-year-old Sophia Martinez from Alamo, TX went diving with her dad at Isla Mujeres off the coast of Mexico. It wasn’t your average dip in the ocean. Sophia went swimming with sharks. Big sharks. 20-ton whale sharks to be specific.

The island is a gathering place for whale sharks to come and feed. The gentle giants easily dwarf the tiny diver, but whale sharks are a far cry from their vicious, toothy cousins.

This isn’t the first time Sophia has joined her dad Eli Martinez, who works for Shark Diver Magazine, on a shark dive. The Daily Mail reports that she started diving at age 5 and had her first shark encounter last year at age 6.


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