Man Rescues Dog Before Wife On Sinking Yacht

(Credit: Paul Todd/Volvo Ocean Race via Getty Images)

(Credit: Paul Todd/Volvo Ocean Race via Getty Images)

One man just booked himself a lengthy stay in the dog house after choosing to rescue his dog first, leaving his wife on their sinking yacht. Next time, save the wife first.

South African couple Graham and Sheryl Anley had been on a three-month sailing trip around the cape when they ran into rough waters. They were forced to abandon their boat after it struck a reef just off shore and began sinking, according to Gawker.

After activating emergency beacons, Graham opted to save his beloved dog, a 9-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Rosie, ahead of his wife. Graham swam the dog to shore before going back for his wife, whose safety line had become entangled on the steering wheel.

Rescue helicopters soon found the couple and their dog safe and uninjured.


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