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Angry Blog Comment For Julie Gets Mad Libbed

Blog Comments

Every now and then, Julie goes back through her Julie’s Jabbers blog posts to see what comments she’s gotten from listeners. She came across a comment so angry responding to her daughter’s haunted American Girl Doll, that it begged to be Mad Libbed.

Here’s the original comment from Julie’s blog:

“This woman is an idiot. I’m 26 I had two American girl dolls as a child and still continue to possess one of them. Its a doll that is usually taken everywhere and over time wears out. The one I don’t have anymore is because I wore her out. Her eyes didn’t close all the time but I didn’t think she was going to get me because I wasn’t allowed to watch horror films as a child. I don’t understand how anyone with any journalistic integrity can write something so absurd, even if it is satire. The editors along with her should be fired for allowing someone to use scare tactics to degrade a doll just because your daughter has a vivid imagination that includes possessed dolls.”

Listen to how the Mad Lib for this comment turned out!

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