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Woman Wears Colander On Head To Ward Off Attacking Seagull

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

71-year-old Dina Wilson just wants to go out to her garden in peace. Instead, she has to don armor in the form of a colander on her head to protect her head from an attacking seagull.

Huffington Post reports that a seagull which has taken up residence in Wilson’s roof is said to dive-bomb the grandmother as she goes out into her garden in Kent, east of London in the UK.

Wilson has spoken in her town’s council about taking measures to discourage people from feeding the gulls and require restaurants to cover their trash in order to discourage the obnoxious seabirds from staying around town.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper recently published a few handy pointers on how you can know if you’ve wandered into Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” A sea gull attack begins with a “gag call” or low repeated warning that means “buzz off” in seagull. The second level is the low pass where the gull will make a close fly-by. The third step is when aerial attack actually begin, starting with liquid bombs and escalating to bodily assault with talons and beaks.

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