Vine Before 9: Cheese Puff Surprise

Vine Before 9 - Cheese Puff Set Up 8-5-13

This morning’s Vine Before 9 challenge was to see how many people John could surprise by throwing cheese puffs at them.

John waited until the very last minute to start his challenge, and we worried if he’d make it in time. Lo and behold, he finally got a few people with minutes to spare before 9AM!!

John surprised Whitney in her office with a couple of cheese puff tosses.

John got Larry sitting in his cubicle with a rain of cheese puffs.

Vine Before 9 – Cheese Puff Surprise 8-5-13

OMG! John nailed our big boss Ron with cheese puffs!!!! Brave soldier!

Vine Before 9 – Cheese Puff Big Boss 8-5-13


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