Shark Week Begins This Week On Discovery Channel With “Megalodon”

Shark Week 8-5-13

Sharky excitement got started early this year with Sharknado of SyFy, but the real fun started last night as the Discovery Channel premiered the “documentary” Megalodon.

Megalodon features an investigation into the sinking of a chartered fishing boat off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. Experts are brought in and begin working towards the conclusion that a giant shark thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago might still be alive and swimming.

In addition to Shark Week on TV, there are some awesome deals for shark lovers this week! Coldstone Creamery has a devil’s food cake called This Cake Bites in celebration of Shark Week, which is filled with blue sweet cream ice cream and comes with blue ice frosting and gummy sharks on top. TOMS shoes has special pairs of their charitable shoes made just for Shark Week covered in blue shark camo, and $5 from the purchase goes to ocean conservation charity Oceana as well as to providing a pair of shoes to a child.


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