Lindsay Lohan Volunteers To Stay In Rehab Longer

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

It seems as if Lindsay Lohan has really turned over a new leaf. The troubled starlet is due to leave rehab Wednesday, but she’s volunteered to stay 3-4 days longer.

TMZ reports that LiLo has requested to stay on longer as she feels she needs a transitional period before heading back out into the free world. She’ll probably stay in a “lower leve, sober living house” to help aid in her transition.

She plans to move to NYC after she’s finished with rehab and realizes the difficulties and temptations she’ll face. The option to stay in rehab is probably a good idea to help strengthen her walls to resist falling into old habits.

Another sign that Lindsay is making better decisions as a result of rehab, yesterday TMZ reported that LiLo had made a list of friends to keep and toxic friends to toss. Lohan took a long look at the people in her life and their influence on her. TMZ says that the toxic friends list had 80 names on it.


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