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Zazza & Julie Recap 7-29-13

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Julie on TwitterHappy Monday! In case you missed it, here is everything we covered this morning!

Facebooking Couples Have Closer Relationships In Real Life

The couple that Facebooks together, stays together, according to a recent study.

50 Shades of Cray: Pony Poops In Liquor Store

Pony walks in to a liquor store… Wait until you catch the punchline.

Intervention: Julie’s Celebrity Tweeting Must Stop

We’re worried about Julie stalking celebrities on Twitter. It’s time for an intervention.

Best Break-Up Letter Ever

This could be the best break up letter ever written!

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Crazy Costco Cart Thieves

Crazy Costco ladies, girly deodorant, and internet trolls… Ain’t Nobody Got For That!!

Here’s what you had to share from the Gripe Lines!

Caught In An Embarrassing Moment At Home

We’ve all been caught in an embarrassing situation at home. John shared his first.

Of course, we had to hear from Tony and Julie about their embarrassing moments at home!

Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper Talks About His New Book That Will Help You That Bikini Bod You’ve Alway Wanted

The Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper chatted with us about his new book, Jumpstart To Skinny. There’s still time to get that slimmed down summer bod!

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