Vine Before 9: Donut Challenge

Boney Eats A Donut

Vine Before 9 Challenge - Donuts 7-26-13

Once again, we’ve put John to the task of filming Vines Before 9. Today’s challenge was to see who of us could eat a mini powdered donut in the 6 second time constraint of a Vine video. As we found out, it’s kind of impossible.

Julie was first up. She didn’t make it.

Tony almost got it, but it stuck to the roof of his mouth!

Morning webgirl Leslie gave it a try. Her strategy wasn’t very good.

Not one to give up easily, Leslie tried again and nearly choked laughing.

John gave it a try. He was SO CLOSE! Sadly, time ran out before his final swallow.

You won’t believe it, but on John’s second attempt… HE GOT IT!!

In our celebrity segment, John challenged The World’s End star Nick Frost to a donut race with Simon Pegg looking on.

Listen to the reveal of our Donut Challenge!

Vine Before 9 Reveal - Donut Challenge 7-26-13


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